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About Us

About Us,

The medical and international health tourism consultancy service provider
Rapid Health Tourism Ltd. is established in the UK to serve as part of the
International Health Tourism sector.
Rapid Health Tourism aims to guide and organize British patients to travel for best possible treatments like; Dental Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Hair Transplantation and Obesity Surgery in Turkey and other European Countrıes such as Hungary, Poland, Spain, Romania, and Serbia.
The founder and Chief Executive Mrs Canan Nur, has over 20 years of
experience as Registered Nurse in the Health Services including
implementations of International Quality Standards Accreditation in the
Fully Fledged Private and Government Hospitals in Turkey. Co partner Mr.
Mecit Nur is well experienced with working with customers across a wide
number of countries in International Business Field.


Rapid Health Tourism Ltd’s ambition is to support high quality health
treatments for all now and in future generations using innovative solutions as an independent private healthcare provider. Demand for health care is
increasing and evolving and use of new models of care is changing the way
healthcare is delivered.
Innovation and creative thinking is key to future business success in serving the health
sector. The followings are core values of Rapid Health Tourism Ltd.
  • Provide the highest possible proactive service to the customer at all times.
  • Strive to develop engaging health service experiences: solve challenges
    through innovation.
  • Creativity, innovation, technical excellence.
  • Develop innovative services that deliver value to the customer: open to new
  • Be responsive to customer needs: we strive to reply to your needs.

Our mıssıon

Rapid Health Tourism Ltd’s mission is to develop new models of innovative
healthcare business support that provides enhanced integrated healthcare
and cost-effective pricing, in part due to the relative strength of the pound
in comparison to other currencies like the Turkish Lira.
Rapid Health Tourism Ltd is focused on being the leading multidisciplinary
private health tourism provider in the UK within the selected target niche. as
part of the International Health Tourism sector. Rapid Health Tourism Ltd will
identify British patients to travel for treatments in: